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I think this might be my favourite scene in all the Pirates of the Caribbean films. I can’t decide whose reaction I like best: Davy Jones’ look of sheer pride after ruining Will’s tea, Will’s look of “For fuck’s sake, I was drinking that” as it goes flying out of his hand, or Beckett’s look of horror at the sight of wasted tea. 

#British problems on the high seas. 

Will: “really man? It’s gonna be THAT kinda fight?

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Name: Katherine

Nickname: Kate (call me this), Katie, Molly

Birthday: July

Gender: Female 

Sexuality: Straight

Height: 5’3”

Current Time Zone: Eastern

Current Time And Date: 12:40 AM October 18th

Last Thing I Googled: Taylor Momson hair

Most Used Phrase(s): • huh? what? buttmunch. XD (the emoji thing)

Last Thing I Said To A Family Member: Goodnight 

Favorite Beverage: Tea

First Word That Comes To Mind: um

Place That Makes Me Happy & Why:                                                     NYC….because it’s NYC

Number Of Blankets I Sleep Under: A big ass comforter

Last Movie I Saw In Theatres:Annabelle

Three Things I Can’t Live Without: ipod, chocolate, I don’t know

Something I Plan On Learning: French

Advice For My Followers: Don’t be a pushover for bullies, even if you can’t tell they’re bullies.

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So this guy literally made me feel like he loved me. Talked about moving in, saying he loved me, saying he was so glad we’d started talking. Recently we haven’t been so close. I asked him if he cared about me and you wanna know what he said? No. No he never did.
Go fuck yourself boy. You broke my heart. You do NOT do that to someone. Ever.

And he keeps doing it to other girls. And boys. Over and over.

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